Here are what people are saying aboutthe “Understanding Sound Systems” Instructional Video:


"Better Sound in Less than 2 Hours" - "Understanding Sound Systems is a solid first step for those wanting to increase their understanding of the way sound systems work. From microphones (including wireless applications) to mixers, processors and amplifiers, from loudspeaker design to the whys and hows of equalization, from feedback troubleshooting and to overall systems troubleshooting, this 1 hour and 48 minute jaunt through the world of sound covers a sea of questions. Whether your sound tech person is an old pro in need of a refresher or a willing, but green volunteer, "Understanding Sound Systems" makes sense."
- Worship Leader Magazine


"With over 20 years of experience designing and installing sound systems - more than 2,500 systems in all - Larry M. Stover has produced a video that
offers an excellent course for sound technicians. It is clear enough to be understood by beginners, and sophisticated enough to help even advanced sound technicians.
- Steve Siefert, Ministries Today Magazine


Larry Stover, the instructor in this video, has designed, installed, and operated sound systems for more than twenty years. His purpose in "Understanding Sound Systems" is to help viewers gain a basic understanding of sound equipment and how sound systems function.
-Music Educators Journal


"Loaded with valuable instructions… Understanding Sound Systems may just be the video you need to reach the next level"
- Robert Lindquist – Mobile Beat Magazine


"At long last, there is and instructional video that explains the basics about sound and sound systems, "Understanding Sound Systems"".
-Continuo Magazine


"This video will solve 98% of your sound system problems. Larry Stover gives good sound advice that you can use."
-American Harmonica Newsletter


"This the video you hope the soundman at any club or festival you have to play at has seen. Most of the questions you could have about systems are answered in it."
-Blue Suede News




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