110 Ways to Improve Your Sound System is available in either print or as an ebook.

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You will find ways to improve your sound system by reading this book -   GUARANTEED!


Some of the benefits of this insightful book are:

•Saving money when choosing a sound system. 
•Learning how to control feedback. 
•Getting the most out of your sound system. 
•The correct way to Equalize a sound system. 
•The correct way to Mix. 
•The correct way to Record.. 
•Get the humm or buzz out of your sound system. 
•How to make Sound Improvements without spending a penny! 
•Understanding the Audio Chain.(easy to understand chart included). 
•Learn all about microphones and why some work better than others. 
•Sound Tips and Secrets from the Sound Expert - "The Sound Doctor" 
This and many more topics covered in the book! 
Larry Stover is "The Sound Doctor", and the author of the book "110 Ways To Improve Your Church Sound System".  He has designed, installed, set-up, and operated sound systems for more than 20 years and provided over 3,000 sound systems to customers.  He is also the producer of the internationally acclaimed instructional video "Understanding Sound Systems". 

Types of people/organizations who have benefited from reading the book "110 Ways to Improve Your Sound System": 

•Meeting Facilities 
•Anyone who has a sound system.



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Did you know that by using Spectrum Analysis you can make your sound system perform at its very best?

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