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Hello, I’m Larry Stover. I’m not really a doctor. It was not me that thought of the concept of a “Sound Doctor”. It was, in fact, my customers. After many years of fixing and repairing broken, damaged and badly designed sound systems my customers started calling me “The Sound Doctor”. (It’s a title I can live with.)

They would call my office and ask “Is Dr. Stover in? Our sound system is sick. Can you fix it?” I did repair, re-design, upgrade, and improve many sound systems – over 3,000 in the last 20 years.

I am really grateful for this experience and the many things that I have learned from it. Everything that I have seen or done on those 3,000 projects has prepared me to produce the training books and videos offered on this web site.

How I Got Started

Many people have asked how I got started in my profession. I really believe it all started when I was six years old. My family had just relocated and I was attending church for the first time in California. I remember many things about that day, but the thing that stuck in my memory most was just how bad the sound was. Something told me we could do better. It was many years later that I began my career in the sound industry but I think the events of that day sparked a lifelong interest and commitment to excellent sound .

Sound System Training

Larry Stover has taught Sound Systems for Churches, Bands, Auditoriums, and Arenas in all 50 States including Alaska, Hawaii, and Islands in the Pacific and Caribbean. Click Here to send request for Sound System Training. The Sound Doctor is available for Sound System Training at your site!






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Did you know that by using Spectrum Analysis you can make your sound system perform at its very best?

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